27 January 2017

New Blogger: Meet Jessamyn!

Hey, Woozens!

I'm Jessamyn, a new blogger for the Woozworld Voice. I'll mostly be posting about fashion-trends and outfit ideas/reviews, but I might also write about current events and news going on around Woozworld! Here are nine (I couldn't think of a tenth one!) random facts about me so you can get to know me :)
 1.) My real name isn't actually Jess! I go by Mel or Jessamyn online because I think those names sound really cool, and I don't want to reveal my actual name right away.
2.) I just turned fourteen years old (a few weeks ago.)
3.) My favorite food is either dark chocolate or ice cream.
4.) I love anime (some of my favorites are Tokyo Ghoul and Fullmetal Alchemist.)
5.) I really like drawing and art! Some of my other hobbies are writing and running.
6.) I play the violin, and occasionally the piano. I also play in the orchestra at my school c:
7.) I've been on Woozworld for four years, but when I was younger, I made really poor decisions about my Beex and Wooz, so my account doesn't have much right now. xD
8.) My favorite color is turquoise!
9.) I love dogs, cats and birds!

Anyway, I'm glad to be accepted onto this amazing blog! I've been reading your posts for a while and I have always wanted to join. I hope to write more blog posts soon!

Signing off,