23 January 2016

Be Yourself - Motivation from Katrina

                                  BE YOURSELF

Everyone says this is some type of saying people say when their friend, or family member says their ugly well, its NOT. So i have been bullied alot on woozworld, but it doesnt mean i really care. EVERYONE has their own style, so OWN IT. Now if you ever think your ugly, go to the mirror and say: I am beautiful/Handsome, I am smart, I WERK IT, I'm independent,  and I did not write this for only girls, but boys. almost everyone says: Boys dont cry. I mean how in the world can you say that, Its not like boys are robots. So anyways back to the point. When you were a baby, you wee born like you were. You cant change anything about yourself. So for anyone, dont change yourself just because of a girl or boy. Because remember you are #QUEEN/KINGGOALS So, be yourself no matter what, dont let anyone rule your life because people can imitate you but they can't duplicate you. Anyways, bye everyone!
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