01 January 2016

How to Be Faceless on Woozworld : Updated 2016

so most people wonder "how can you currently be faceless on woozworld?" There was another way using the closet but it got patched and this one probably will too someday.
here is a video i made explaining it:

If you don't want to spend time watching the video here is a list of instructions:

1.  have  a friend/ another account and trade with them
2.  put a face into the trade on the account which wants to be faceless
3.  open closest and go to the faces section
4.  select the face you put into the trade and click the "Wear" button
5.  on the other account/ person you are trading with add something into the trade and confirm it
6.  once the trade has been confirmed, you will notice you are wearing the face. now refresh
7.  when you go back into world you will be faceless

P.S if you don't know already you will have to redo the process if you wear a face again

Hope that helped!
(i know it isn't christmas anymore i'll have to make another sign off image)