05 January 2016

Update on outfits in the shopz

Hey guys! Its Amahix here with another WoozWorld update. Today im telling you more about the new outfits in the WoozWorld shopz. There are  cute clothes in the shopz right now and i think you should check them out the next time that you are on. Do you want something to wear on a special day? Then i have some where for you to go. Go to the WoozWorld shopz and look for a special outfit there. Reminder: Dont miss out on these awesome outfits in the WoozWorld shopz. Here are a couple of outfits that they have in the WoozWorld shopz  right now.

Hair: Bow Tea Hair
Dress: Love Ya Dress
Shoes: Bamboo Shoes
Hair: Fatima (VIP Hair)
Dress: Hounds Tooth Dress
Shoes: Bamboo Shoes
Hair: Danielle
Dress: Coat
Shoes: Swag Beach Shoes
Hair: Ringlets
Dress: Candy Cane Jacket
Shoes: Swag Beach Shoes
I hope you guys like theses outfits. Remember to go check them out in shopz before they get gone.Oh well thats it for today. See you next time

Love you guys xoxo