01 January 2016

Top 5 Cutest WoozWorld Items

         Hey guys ! It's Donnie here with........... Top 5 Cutest WoozWorld Items !
                                                   First Off We Have 

                                                  #1 : Doll Face . 

I Literally L-O-V-E this face . It's absolutely ADORABLE . 
Next Up Is 
#2 : Cupcake Buns

Mhmmmmm. Delicioso xD This hair is Deliciously Cute . Know I'm Hungry :( JK XD
                                                                In Third We Have

                                                            #3 :  Beloved Teddy Sweater 
Teddy Bear Teddy You Are My Teddy Bear ! That Teddy Face Thou OMG  ♥

                                           And now in 4th place we Have : 
                                               #4 : Brassy Bangs 

                          Those Bangs Are So Fierce And BRASSY 

                                  In Last But Not Least We Have 

                                     #5 Manga Cat Eyes 


              I love these. My sisters have them and they SLAY in them . They're REALLLLLY Cute.

                              Ok , Well that's all for Today !! Hope you guys enjoyed : 
                                       Donnie's Fashion Corner . Donnie , signing off !