01 January 2016

Wooz Voice Commercial + Giveaways!

Hey guys, kpkeila here my FIRST POST OF 2016!

First, I'll show you our brand new Woozworld Voice commercial!
This was super fun to make and got us alot more views so if you'd share it around Woozworld we would really appreciate it!

Next up, a giveaway!

So, at the time of writing this post,the blog has
29,603 Page Views!

29, 603 page views! And that's only 300 views away from...
http://www.rasaint.net/ - Glitter Graphics

Because of this we will be having a Giveaway! 
The only problem is.. we don't know what to giveaway!
So tell us in the Chat box what you think would be a good 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize to giveaway!

That's all for today, once we collect more info, we'll make a giveaway post!
Bye guys!