05 April 2016

3 ways to earn beex!

                                                                     3 ways to earn beex

1: make sales, if theres anything that you dont want/need/wear anymore, there might be woozens willing to pay for them! if ur selling something in a shop podz, be sure to promote to mp for better sales!

2: activity center, if you're busy, and need beex, the activity center is just the right thing for you! just start an activity, and then do whatever your busy with! (note: you can only have one activity going, wait for that activity to finish then start a new one)

3: quests, if you're the opposite of what i said about the activity center, (bored and need beex) complete some quests! they could give you 25-500 beex just for doing something simple!

remember, there are WAY more possibiliteis to earn beex, but here are just 3! bye for now!