06 April 2016

Editing Using Paint! (Winking)

Heres a edit that you could do using paint! the picture below isnt me, bc im faceless and to do this edit you need someone with cutie-n-makeup, scroll down to see who this pic belongs to! ok, so lets get started! first of all you need to take a pic of your face, then post it on woozin, and im pretty sure you all know how to copy and paste. Then open up paint, paste the picture, then make the picture bigger. under "edit" there is a n rectangle-square thing, click the rectangle-square thing then drag it on a little bit of the forehead to make a pacth, then release. After that, click ctrl+c then ctrl+v. now that small patch is in the corner, then drag the small patch onto a bit of the eye, ad you see in the picture below, only cover just untill under the eyelashes. Then do ctrl+v again and repeat until the eye is covered just like the picture below. then... TA-DA!! xD

thank you super-sharpay  for letting me use your picture!