25 April 2016

Message to Pixlr users

Hello lovely reader, I have a small announcement to make. 
As you know, I use Photoshop Cs6 to edit. I thought that most things from Photoshop translated into Pixlr but I was wrong. Well here are some translations for my lovely, valid, Pixlr users,

Layer via cut:
To layer via cut on pixlr is a nightmare, because to my knowledge they didnt add the option. Divine being knows why, because we would all benefit from it. To layer via cut on pixlr you have to make your selection, Select ctrl+x on your keyboard, make a new layer, and hit ctrl+v.

Free transform (Transform):
The creators of Pixlr weren't aware that the command Ctrl+T on a WEB BROWSER would open a new tab. In the top bar under 'Edit' the 'Free Transform' option is there.

To hide your layer (extremely useful under the right circumstances) click the check mark on the right of your layer thumbnail.

Inseting things into your image:
Pixlr made this ridiculously difficult. I spent a good 5-10 minutes figuring out the simplest way. To insert something into your image open the image you want to insert, select it with the magnetic lasso tool, ctrl+c and ctrl+v it onto your image.

That's all i could find for now, message my woozen @jamessoup if you've found any more 'translations'. Until tomorrow - Stay creative, my friends.