15 April 2016

HANDS+Announcement+Author's note.

Hello, lovely reader. Welcome back to one of my posts. I'm so sorry for not posting often. Please try to understand it takes 3+ days to figure out every technique, come up with a simple one, plan it, make sure there are no typos, get images, and so forth. Well, I'll be talking about two things in this post. One I'll be covering briefly, the other will be in depth. Let's get on with it, shall we?:

The announcement. I'll be releasing video tutorials, even though i'm absolute garbage at video editing. I'm hoping it works out and I think we'll get some good work out there.

Hands. hands and my deep love/hate relationship with them, ugh. I absolutely despise these little intricate line strokes. Well, enough of my opinion. I have three golden rules for hands (or any intricate woozen-parts.)

1. never color anything in if you absolutely don't have to.
I'm not a lazy guy, you know that. But divine being do I LOATHE not having a neat edit but instead having that one strand of hair, that one finger that ruins everything. People focus more on that one mistake. That one out of place line. 
2. less is more.
I cannot stress this enough. I'm still learning new things everyday. If you're not at a certain skill level, don't attempt more. a subtle dot is enough to redirect your focus. imagine an entire symphony of lines and colors. Remember, you're you. Not Jason Pollock.
3. dropper tool, bandage tool. they are your water in the desert. USE THEM.
WOO, divine being, here we go. These babies have saved me from a proverbial beating. use these like air. The dropper tool-for obvious reasons- is a great tool for touch-ups. The bandage tool- better known as the Healing Brush tool- Automatically fixes that particular part of your photo.
Dropper tool, Bandage tool.
Well those are my rules. Feel free to copy them, make your own, even not use rules *gasp*. Here are some tips:

1. Divine being in the sky, never use hand templates. 
IF you're not experienced with using templates, DON'T. Ever. It makes your work look sloppy, unorganized, and unprofessional. Prime example:
:  VS   
Guess which one the template is?
2. If your woozen is holding something realistic, give it a realistic atmosphere. 
If they're holding a pen, make their hand grip. etc.
3. be creative
Don't just a little wink and peace sign.Give me action. Give me heroism, Give me a sense of awe. If anyone reading this can make me an edit that can invoke any of these feelings, message my woozen, show it to me. 

If you have any requests, feel free to contact me.