28 June 2016

Photo Taking

I've been on Woozworld recently and I'm going to show you how to take the best photos and selfies on Woozworld!

1. Wear a Good Outfit

Wear something you like. It doesn't have to be according to a colour code although colour codes are quite good.

2. Use a Suitable Unitz

Use a unitz that is well decorated like the one above for example. If you don't do Unitz Design, go to a friend's unitz or maybe someone like Revolutionary or civicprincess49 or Geoo-is-the-best. They do really good unitz design. If the background is horrible, it affects the picture. A good background always makes the picture look better.

3. Take the right kind of picture

If you're taking a selfie, you shouldn't take a picture of your whole face, like this:


You should take a picture like this:

4. For a Full Body Picture, do a pose like this for example: 

I hope this helps you to take better photos :)