23 June 2016

Update on Clothes in Shopz and Store

Hey Guys! Its Amahix here with another post. Today I will update you on the clothes in  shopz and the store in Woozworld. Since prom is coming up Woozworld decide to give us 50% of all prom stuff in the shopz. Also they gave us all vip packs are on sale in the shopz right now. Also they have prom funriture in the shopz right now.

 Here are some of outfits that are in shopz right now:

Now that I showed you some of the items in the shopz now I will show you some in the store. These outfits were created by you for you. So here are the outfits:

I hope you guys like all of these outfits as much as I do. If u want any of these outfits the top ones are in  shopz and the bottoms ones are in the store. But there only there for a limited time so hurry and go get them. I will see you next time. Bye.