26 June 2016

New Trial Blogger

Hi Everyone! I'm AmyVVoozy and I'm a new trial blogger on The Woozworld Voice. I will be posting on Mixing and Matching for my first post!

The topic is mixing and matching, but when people hear those two words they think of mixing two outfits together like Parisque and SUPRSTAR.

What I'm doing, however, is mixing Rares and Premium clothes. I don't want to say Rares and Poor clothes because nothing on Woozworld is poor. What everyone thinks is poor was actually called Bargain in the Old Woozworld.

Tip 1.

Don't be afraid to show your style! You don't have to wear rares to look cool.

Tip 2.

Try to have a colour code. It just makes everything so much easier.

Tip 3.

Be Inspired! Here are some examples to inspire you:

I hope that after this you will be inspired to make your own outfits and not what you see Glitz7 wearing or Sunset916 wearing or even jHonay wearing.