05 June 2016

Woozworld Voice: An Update

Hey guys! It's kpkeila and this will be my very last post on the Woozworld Voice.

You may know that I was the owner of The Woozworld Voice since 2012 when it was still called Woozworld Hotspot!

Well, I've been on Woozworld for 5 years. I joined when I was in 3rd grade, and now i'm graduating to high school. When I joined, I barely had any friends outside of school and now I have a great social life which takes up most of my time, so I'll be announcing...

I am leaving The Woozworld Voice. 

I'll also be quitting Woozworld, but I'm staying for the summer so I can do my last round of Camp Harmony. So if you're on on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 6PM wooz time, stop by Camp Harmony!

It's been great meeting all of these amazing people. I got to meet some people from around the world and I even got to meet someone in real life.

Bye Woozworld Voice!

xoxo kpkeila