02 February 2017

New Outfits for February!

As Valentine's Day gets closer, the Woozworld team is bringing back a whole bunch of classic Valentine's Day clothing and decorations in Shopz. But there's even more-there are now four brand new Store outfits for sale! It's likely a few of you have seen the all-new outfits: the "Heartfelt" and "Heartbreaker" themed clothes in the Woozworld Store! Even though I can't get them, they all look really awesome.
Here's a review on my two favorite ones!
First-the Heartful Outfit! I love the shape of the hair-it's very unique compared to some of the hair from recent outfits. The flowers in the hair are a nice touch, and it really complements the off-the-shoulder flowy top. I like the choker and the ombre design, too! The pants look like a slightly altered copy of the Winteresting Jeans, though. Last of all, the shoes look pretty cool, but for some reason I think sandals would go better with it, even though it's winter. (I don't know, maybe it's just me but this outfit really reminds me of summer with the floral accessories and ruffled top!)
Next is the Heartsy outfit. The hair looks nice with the hat, which goes really well with the hair and the rest of the outfit, but it's not as original as the first hairstyle from "Heartful." The dress and skirt are probably my favorite part of this outfit. I love shirts or dresses layered with flannels wrapped around your waist. The dress looks a bit like the PrepSTUNNER Off-the Shoulder Top combined with a cute skirt. Another thing I love about these kinds of outfits is that there are interchangable dresses and skirts-you can wear them all together or with a shirt of your choice. The boots look pretty normal, not something I haven't seen before. But I do like them :D

Hope you enjoyed this review!