23 April 2015

BREAKING NEWS: WoozGuide FIRED! And New Motto?

Yep you read the title right. A wooz guide has been FIRED! Shocked? Well I bet the whole wooz nation is shocked. Well why were they fired? Well the anonymous woozguide (who? Idk lol) was fired because they were DATING A HACKER! A hacker sadly... So unfortunate. But not unfortunate to someone. Can you guess who? Isn't it obvious? 1SwaggerChick00! She made a protest about how there was one guide down, etc. So yah this is pretty much breaking news.

soooooo. I was thinking we need a motto. Not that our one now is bad, but I think we should consider a new one. I came up with a few (cheesy) ones but if you have any better ideas be sure to message me on wzw or comment below.
TheWoozWorldVoice: News and Quality Together, forever
TheWoozWorldVoice: Of course, we're your number one source
I kinda liked that one but if nahhhh,
TheWoozWorldVoice: We put the "u" in- oh wait there is no u
Ok soooo whadda bout
TheWoozWorldVoice: The blog that smiles back, Woozworld!
The snack that smiles back, goldfish! Lol
TheWoozWorldVoice: Your choice of voice
TheWoozWorldVoice: WoozWorldVoice, the #1 choice XD
yas so cheesy I know. Ok so KP if your out there, can we chat about a possible motto? Thanks!
Signing out,