23 April 2015

Missing Your Friends On Woozworld?

Hey guys! It's kpkeila. You're probably wondering or noticed the links under your hot friends by now. Well Woozworld is reuniting Woozworld besties! Here's all the info from Woozworld:

As we near the end of the school year, some of your Woozworld friends might have gotten too busy with “homework” and “activities” to log on like they used to. But we know that life is dull when you have too much work and not enough play!
This is what your referral link will look like! (But if you use this exact link, JennyWooz will receive your prize)
There’s a specific URL on your WoozIN (right underneath Hot Friends) made just for you. When yougive this link to a friend that hasn’t been on Woozworld in a while and they sign in, you and your friend will each get a special clothing or beex gift.
Remember, your friends must be existing users that haven’t played in over a month. Creating a new account through this link won’t give you the prize ;)
The Woozen that invites the most friends to return will earn an extra-special achievement title and prize!

And for those of you wondering what the special prize is, here it is! These are just two of the prizes because the prizes vary! (Prizes are the shirts pictured)

Well, you got it exclusively from The Woozworld Voice. Reunite with your besties now!

xoxo kpkeila