21 April 2015

Glitches and CHEATS for YOU!

Hey guys! So today I'm going to give you guys an updated list of glitches/cheats for you to use! So yah this is going to be a quick post, since today I'm pretty busy sadly. But that's fine, because I have this list for you! Ok so let's start:

Woozworld Glitches 

PC Cheat
To do the PC cheat you do this.
1. Go to your pc.
2. Type in /t (NAME OF WOOZEN) The woozen's name has to be exact and correct which each letter and number.
3. Say your message
4. Enter the message

Example: /t ALex-Sandra Hey

Moonwalk Cheat
To do the moonwalk you type in: /moonwalk

Fire Ball Cheat
To put people on fire you do this:
1. Use your arrow keys.
2. Do this order with the arrow keys: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right
3. After you do that you click the letters (B) and (A) Then everyone in the room goes on fire.

Clothing Cheat
Get a friend that you can TRUST. Then go to a private room which only you and that friend can go to.
Then put a piece of clothing you really like and think your friend would also like.
One the count of three make your friend buy and you remove at the same time.
Then you and your friend will both have the piece of clothing.
If it does not work just ask your TRUSTWORTHY friend to have it back.

Mya's Shopping Bags
iVibe Centralz 1
Rookie Quests
Coconut Groove
Woozworld Plaza
Fairy Chamber

Jay's Caps
Rookie Quests
Stylz Shop
Foodz Showroom
Movie Theater
Woozworld Stadium
LibStreet Fashion Room
Boutique Mya Collection
Max's Game Show
GluttonZ Zoo

How to Turn Around
(Works mainly on PC,  sorry Macintosh!)
Ever see people turning around on Woozworld and wonder how to do it? Well, we'll tell you how. All you do is put your cursor over your woozen, and scroll. Too complicated? You know that triangle thing with the roundish thing at the bottom you move around on your screen? That's your cursor. You know how you scroll up and down? Well, move your cursor over your woozen and scroll! Your woozen will turn around. So, scroll only a little bit to turn your woozen.

Teleporter Cheat
To do the Teleporter Cheat you need to have a teleporter. Make sure that when you set it to where you want it to go when you click it that you have it in a line, the same line as the teleporter. Then you click the music note. While your walking do a movez. Then click the teleporter really fast.

Spell Jobz Cheat
To do the Spell Jobz cheat you have to have a friend that you can trust. You and your friend go into an empty unitz. On the count of three you and your friend do the cheat. On three your friend puts the spell jobz on you and you put on hair/shirt/pants/or shoes.

If something doesn't work anymore please tell us! So that's all for now! Bye!