19 April 2015

MAJOR DRAMA- Had to call woozguides XD

Hey voicers! 
      So I was on wzw today, and I decided to try out this maze with a rare prize. lol it was pretty easy XD til I got to last question. So traded rare(moo moos) for a hint. TBH it was a lame hint. LMAO but I kept guessing. After about 5 min, owner told everyone to get out. Everyone was like DF owner?!?! So me and others decided to stay and ask for our items back. She said no and yelled at us to leave. We stayed and like she left and brought her sis back. We had a long fight and then a WOOZGUIDE SHOWED UP! O.o yeah cupcake came. So we explained the situation and she told them to give our stuff back since they scammed. XD yah so that was a waste of time. Still working on a signout, and idk how to add pictures. Help meXD
Signing out- Tori