28 April 2015

WoozPaper Vol. 153

Hey woozens! 
Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I've been busy with school projects! I know, tough times right? XD but as you can read the title, wzw has released woozpaper Volume 153. So I thought that since most people don't check the woozworld blog, I would just post the woozpaper right here! Ok ready? Oops sorry I forgot my signout at the bottom so Imma just put it here XD

WoozPaper Vol. 153

Happy Friday Woozens!

Woozworld’s app for Android(TM)launched yesterday! We’ve been waiting a long time for this, and we’re super super excited to offer more Woozens the chance to play anywhereMaxWooz and some of the Tech Team members will be monitoring your comments closely over the next few weeks, so please let us know about any issues or concerns you have.
In other news, Woozworld’s favorite grandpa GoodoldWooz finally found his way out  of the Woozworld Rainforest, thanks to some helpful videos he managed to find on “the Youtube.” If you haven’t yet found the Temple of the Monkey (and the trapped rainforest creatures along the way), better get searching! There’s lots of info out there(sneaky s/o to QueenRosie1).
Don’t forget to invite your friends to return to Woozworld using the personal link you’ll find on your WoozIN. Send this link any friends that haven’t been active in Woozworld for over a month, and when they log in using your link, you’ll both receive a prize – in addition to regaining a friend! B)

Contest Winners

In honor of our Rainforest adventure, JayWooz asked you to create jungle-themed Unitz for his iDesignz Challenge this week. Let me tell you, he was lost in a forest of awesome entries!  Congrats to the top three winners:
KnotALegend‘s “Hidden Paradise” in third place…
AnaRoseVictoria (aka WNTM 2k15!) in second place with “Welcome to Simba Jungle Paradise”…
…and -Aragorn- as our new king of “the Jungle Book”!
Be sure to check out their awesome Rainforest Unitz.
Last week, JennyWooz asked you all what you planned to do for Earth Daythis year. On Wednesday, April 22nd, aka International Mother Earth Day 2015, she posted a couple of great ideas on the blog! Thanks to XxchocalatexXsweet-vip-GuchiRhythmyexokm, and everyone that attended Jenny’s Chat Show on Wednesday for their great ideas to help protect our beautiful planet.

Articles from Woozens

Android Launch by CandyGirl966
Who wouldn’t LOVE to play their favourite online game (WoozWorld, of course) ANYWHERE, ANYTIME? Well, now it’s possible (and NO, I am not speaking about the Apple devices users)! You can now play Woozworld using your Android device, either it’s your obsessed-of phone, or your tablet. Just search it in the Play Store. Some lucky Woozens have guessed the correct date of the “Woozroid” and got a special present (a Symbz and a special achievement). But, even if you weren’t lucky enough, you can always play on Woozworld using your Android device – but be sure you have got enough battery! ;)
The Woozworld Rainforestby frozenheart
The Woozworld Rainforest is the newest theme in Woozworld. Be careful it is easy to get lost in the huge Rainforest. Make sure you follow the tiles to get to the Lost Monkey Statue. If you go to the Shopz you can buy and make your own Rainforest unit to enjoy. Have fun Woozens and… Enjoy Woozworld!

Just Keep Cleaning, Just Keep Cleaningby Megan-Back-Up
Hey, everybody! I know that it’s time for spring cleaning, but seriously, who likes cleaning their room? I have tips to make it fun!
1. Put your hair up and away from your face. That way, if you have to bend down, it won’t get in your way!
2. Play some music! Whistle while you werk. xo
3. Make your bed first. It usually gives me motivation to keep going! :)
4. Clean the floor. Make piles: Lay clean clothes in one pile, trash in a different one, and items in another. Throw dirty clothing into the hamper.
5. Remove everything from the top of one piece of furniture and dust! Afterwards, restore the items but more organized than they were before.
6. If you have a hardwood floor, you could just sweep. If you have carpet, vacuum! Also, remove the cobwebs around the room.
Hope I helped! -XOXO, Megan
(If you’d like to submit an article to the WoozPaper, visit the WoozNewz HQ Unitz in Woozworld!)

Fansite Shoutout

Our friend JaneNewbie pointed out this helpful post by Deadline ReWrittenbloggers -East- and DivergentPlay it safe when trading!
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