06 August 2016

⚡ ALPHAZ by Jay ⚡

Hey guys, Anime Wooz here. If you logged into Woozworld recently, you may have remarked that JayWooz just opened a clothing store called Alphaz. It's pretty much all stylish and sporty clothing.

If you are wondering why he opened a store so SUDDENLY, it's because back in April, him and Mya were having this sort of competition to see who has a better sense of fashion. And Jay won.

(To see a post on that subject, click here)

His line of clothing is called Alphaz, and I gotta admit: the clothing is actually PRETTY good.

Our new trial blogger, Momo recently did an excellent rating post on the outfits, you can check it out over here.

Here is a look of the new store!

As you can see, lots of Woozens come here simply to chill out or advertise!

I'm really enjoying Jay's style of clothing, hopefully you like it too!

Until next time.