19 August 2016

SumFaveZ: Champion Outfit Review & Rate

Hello friends and family this is Momo here again writing about the new girl styles that came in store yesterday! (8/18)
Lately everything is about the olympics but these out fits don't seem to fit in with the theme of this whole month y'know?

But with that, let's begin!

First Outfit: Penny Outfit


Hair- Kind of like last weeks, when I said "The strands are placed awkwardly" but this time it's the strands AND the shape of the hair.
The strand by my eye is too out there, they should have been a bit more nonchalant about putting it there. Also what is up with all these bun hairstyles??

Shirt & Bottoms- Well, The shirt and the bottoms make an overall outfit if you put them together. This is my far my favorite of this month! (Unless they really wow me next week!)
A girl I had met yesterday had the same outfit and it was suva nice color.

Shoes- I maybe should have made the shoes a white to but them pop out but I honestly really like the simplicity of the shoe, you could wear them with a lot of items if you color it your CC like me or a nice neutral color.

Rate: 8/10

Second Outfit: Simone Outfit

Ok, so I'm a bit iffy over this one; just a heads up.

Hair- This is one of the biggest parts I don't enjoy about the outfit. Every time I look at it it gives me a caveman vibe just because of the way the bangs are? (Harsh but I have to be honest.)
And as I see a common reoccurrence in my blogs over outfits, I just don't like strands that come all the way up to your face; it's
just awkward for me.

Shirt- I actually don't favor the shirt either, mainly because as I look through my inventory I can't seem to find anything that would match with the top. (Tbh I don't even think the shirt matches.)

Bottoms- This is the one, the ONE part I like about the outfit.
The bottoms can pair with a lot of short rise tops in your inventories like sweaters, crops, and some other stuff if you think hard enough. It's a nice pleaded skirt.

Shoes- Let me put it out here in the open, the shoes are awful.
Ok? I said it, they look like big socks with a lace on them for no apparent reason, it looks as if someone tried for most of the outfit and when they got to the shoes they were like "Nah, I'm tired." And uploaded it for animation anyways.

Rate: 2/10

Well, that's it guys I prayed for Woozworld to make 2 better outfits but I got maybe 1 1/2. I'll be back soon with another inspired K-Pop post next week and another rating post for the new store outfits!

Some ways that I personally styled the outfits X):


Until then,