16 August 2016

New Outfits: Her AuguStyle

Hey guys it's Momo here again to rate the new outfits that were released in the store about a week ago, which means sometime this week i'll be doing another rating post!!

So, let's just kick this off.

1.) Augustine


Hair- I like the hair a lot but when paired with other clothing options it looks awkward and flat, be to be dead honest I wouldn't have chose this hair to pair with this outfit in the first place. (oops.) It is cute but if they didn't make the 2 rigid strands in the front of the bangs and added more volume in the back it would look a lil' better.

Shirt- Nowadays WZW is very invested in high-rise/Crop top shirts which is what every summer needs right??...Actually not really, see if this was a full shirt they would have to make the bottoms a different style? Maybe a less fluffier skirt?

Bottoms- I love the bottoms, I personally pair it with the top from the other outfit to give it a 60's vibe.

Shoes- I do enjoy the shoes but I feel like it would suit for of an October/late September weather (if you're in neutral climate like me lol.)It's a very sweet floral print and they look like a pair of docs! Maybe they'll bring them back or make a spin off at a later date??

2.) Augusta 


Alright...I've got somewhat of a bone to pick with this one.

Hair- Let me just get this out of the way, braids aren't my friend.
These look especially award to me like the 2 what appear to be fishtail braids go straight at a slanted angle, it would be preferred if they were a little bit messy and not so volume boosted at the nape of the neck. And as you can see from the behind picture the braids don't follow through the natural laying on the shoulder state.

Shirt- I do enjoy the shirt and it was probably my mistake on making the shirt black instead of coloring it my CC to complement the shorts, it looks like the WNS taylor swift dupe shirt but without the mid-sleeves and buttons.

Bottoms- This was a little bit of my mistake because it would have been more fashionable if I would have made the top my CC instead of the B&W y'know? But the bottoms looks too plain...like someone stopped in the middle of programming it and thought it looked fine. (WHICH IT DID.) But I feel it would have been better if it had something other than the bow TBH.

Shoes- Just like the bottoms the shoes seem to plain, like they took a really old sketch from when it was still KidsStudio.
If they were more patterned or had something different on them it would be more likable.

This is how I personally Style the outfit pieces x)

Well, I'll be back sometime this week with the new outfits coming again! (I am literally hoping, praying that I won't dislike them like this time.) 
And also I spent a hefty amount of my plane trip finishing my sign-off picture; it isn't much but it's something!!

Signing Off,