05 August 2016

Urban Queens: Rate & Outfits

Hey guys it's Momo again and as promised I'm back with the updates on the new outfits on the store that Jay Wooz designed. It's athletic wear this time (Because everyone spends their summer time working out psh.) I personally purchased them myself, which was a mistake and you'll see why soon.

The first outfit for girls is called:


I liked the outfit on the Model on the front of the Store page but when I put it on, it was...let's say a change of heart.

Hair- Like I said I liked the hair to start out with but the more I look at it the more I realize that the curls are awkwardly placed, maybe if one of the sides was tucked behind the ear and pushed back with the other hair strands it wouldn't be so awkward to me?
Also The hat almost looks too small, If it was styled and placed like the Callie Ziegler baseball cap hair it would be 10x better.

Shirt- I don't actually mind the shirt but my problem is that crops really only look good with high-waisted items, so there wouldn't be much you could wear it with pants wise. Also not to be rude but it looks like the basic clothing item for crop tops in the Shopz.

Bottoms- I like the bottoms, enough said. They're a lot more casual and less...provocative (???) than the WNS POP shorts. (BTW, the WNS POP shorts aren't provocative, it's they way people made them to be.)

Shoes- And lastly, I'm not crazy about the shoes. They look super big close up and zoomed out, and how are you suppose to work out in like 3 inch platform shoes? Where's the realism behind these styles?
They also seem kind of punk per say? 

Rate Over All: 4/10

Outfit 2 for Girls: 

This is the outfit I prefer out of the 2, but here's the thing, everything in Woozworld is becoming 'Instagram Baddie' which if you're on the internet enough you know the baddie look is a woman who is very pretty, with tight work out clothes to show curves 
which there isn't anything wrong with that but those 'Baddies'
are WAYYY too old to be on Woozworld.

Hair- I personally really like the hair, the only thing is that I wish it wasn't such a high pony because when you're zoomed out it looks like all your hair was pulled back insanely tight. Along with that the curls (to me )are placed just right unlike the one above. (Still salty about it.)
But other than that it's a new favorite for me.

Shirt- The shirt is nice but since they came out with a whole set of these tops in different variety colors, designs, and patterns I'm leaning toward more of "why didn't choose a different one" But then again, where else could they put the logo on the shirt y'know?

Bottoms- Like I said The bottoms are very Instagram Baddie, these bottoms compared to all the others have a lot of curve to them which is cool. One of the betters things is that they added realistic detail to this set.

Shoes- I do like the shoes but they're kind of oddly shaped?? it's like the detail at the point of the shoe is very big and you can tell because it overs up a lot of the ankle, but other than that, yeah they're okay.

Rate Over All: 7/10

I do like the styles but I wish I didn't purchase too of each, but I can guarantee that I'll be selling/trading them when they become transferable!

Signing Off,

Momo (X3-Morganmonster)