26 August 2016

WoozWorld BTS (Back to School) Collection

Hey guys it's Momo again and since school's starting i've been a bit behind on posting, and also my Woozworld card ran out of money so I can't purchase the store outfits until I reload it at some point. (Sorry guys!!)

So Woozworld just released their new Back to School outfits (8/25) the ones that Woozens like you and I designed. 
But I won't do a rating on the clothes I don't have money to buy from the Store so i'll just show you!!

Outfit one: CLaSSIEST

Outfit Two: CLaSSICAL

So that's it today guys!! I apologize for not making it a rate of the clothes but since I can't buy them can I really share my opinion over them??

Until then,
Momo (X3-MorganMonster)