11 August 2016

K-POP Inspired Styles Pt. 1: EXID

Hey guys it's momo here, and as I wait to buy the next set of clothes that will be previewing in the store I thought I would make a K-Pop related post!
Yes, K-pop is a whole new world full of new music, sounds, remembering the members names, concepts, and choreography.

I've been stanning many girl and boy groups such as, TWICE, EXO, BTS, iKON, Heize, SEVENTEEN, ToppDogg, Got7, SHINee, Red Velvet, 4Minute, and tons of others. (I might have gotten a lil' out of hand lol.)

But today I'm going to show you styles from one of my favorite M/Vs! (music videos.)

This Girl group is known to have separate concepts like bad girl, sweet, attractive, bubbly, fun, and many other switch up concepts.

This girl group is EXID!
(From left to right: LE, Junghwa, Solji, Hani, and Hyerin)

This is from their album 'Street'
(From Left to right: Hani, Solji, Hyerin, Junghwa, LE)

This style post is on their new Dance M/V for 'L.I.E'
And with that, lets begin!
1.) Hani:
(I tried my best with the pants and the shirt btw!)

Hair- Summer Chic Hair in (240600)

Shirt- FruitZ Sleeveless Cherry Crop in (00B5E7) **Not Available**

Bottoms- Kimmie Shorts in (FF5A5A, 42C874, and FFFFFF)

Shoes- Multicolored sneakers (FFFFFF)

2.) Junghwa:
Hair- Bohemian Chic in (AF2900)

Shirt- ActivZ Bralette W/ Cardigan in (FF6618, E5E5E5)

Bottoms- Sport Camp Shorts in (FCD500, FFFFFF)

Shoes: Multicolored Sneakers in (FFFFFF)
(Adjustment: you could use SweaterWeather Top for the shirt but I made sure all of the clothes were ShopZ exclusive!!)

3.) Solji:
(I apologize In advance for some of the dance M/V Pictures, not all of the girls had HD quality ones like Junghwa)

Hair- Sweet Curls in (EE4F00)

Shirt- FruitZ Sleeveless Watermelon Crop in (0835A8, FC0B00, and 000000)**Not Available**

Bottoms- WNS POP Shorts in (353535)

Shoes- Multicolored sneakers in (FFFFFF)

4.) Hyerin:
(I gave her 2 irl pictures because you can't see her adorable face in the first one.)

Hair- AngelZ of Love Hair for Him in (4F2900)

Shirt- B-Boy Fly Jacket in (003464)

Bottoms- BubbleGum POP Shorts in (002A51)

Shoes- Multicolored Sneakers in (FFFFFF)
(Explanation for all the mens clothes: See in this concept Hyerin was to cut her hair and wear boyish clothes for the "Oppa Concept." An 'Oppa' is what a younger girl calls an older boy in Korea.)

5.) LE:
And last but not least, My Bias, LE!

Hair- VIP Beatrice Hair (Pick a darker brown but lighter than junghwa's)

Shirt- Tribal T-Shirt in (9E0091)

Bottoms- Hip Hottie Hot Shorts (000000)

Shoes- WNS DJ High Tops (AD009F)

Thank you For reading this post! Hopefully I'll find other things to do in my free time besides making k-pop inspired style posts but for now (or until I find more things to do) this is my go to!
(I'm also apologizing again for the just space gap in the middle of the post!! I'm having such a hard time getting rid of it.)

Signing off
-Momo (X3-MorganMonster)

(P.S. I really need to make a sign off picture lol.)