25 September 2016

A beginners guide on how to not get scammed.

Hi bunnies, today I will be showing you some basic tips so you won't get scammed the next time your in a sketchy situation.

Tip #1:
      If anyone ever asks you if they could borrow something make sure they are a trusted buddy of yours. Also make sure that you don't let them borrow something for poor. Make sure you trade for something they like or is equal value to the item you are letting them borrow. If they say no than they are most likely a scammer.

Tip #2:
      When trading never confirm first or for over 10 seconds because the person you are trading with may switch out the item your trading for, for another less valuable one.

Tip #3:
      Never accept extra items, I know the person may sound innocent and nice but trust me they aren't. The person will most likely take out the item you wanted and leave you with the usually poor extras.

Tip #4:
     Do not I repeat do not trust anyone (unless woozworld messages you via email) who says you have duplicate items. They will make you trade all your rares because they are "duplicated" when in reality they are not.

Tip #5:
      Do not always trust "trusted" people. Before you trust people who are trusted you gotta do some hardcore stalking. Research on Woozin all the people who trust them, if they are dead accounts or accounts or "noob" accounts those are most likely fake.

    That's it for this post bunnies, hope you all have a great day or night where ever you are. Baaiiiii!!
PLEASE READ: Do not report any of the people in these pictures they are just actors :p.