01 September 2016

Newest Unicorn Blockz! 750 Wooz, just for these?

First of all guys, Happy 1st Day of September this 2016! Hi Guys, AiDhenn here. Y'all can call me Izzy. I am trying out as a trial blogger, I was suppose to post this last Monday but I have exams. Okay so what I'll be blogging today is the new Unikz Unicorn Blockz.

It can be bought from the Shopz. In the 'Limited Time' section, but guys 750 Wooz, just for these? It's a waste of wooz. I'll explain it all to you why later.

See? 750 Wooz.. But it will be gone in the Shopz as soon. Now when you wear it, it will look like these:
It'll just make you look pale, and just make your skin whiter as ever. Your skin will change back to normal as soon as you change your footwear.
Like who will wear these cubed shoes? o-o' . They should've made it like lower than 750 wooz.

That's all for today guys, I will post tomorrow some New Outfits Mix n Match. Until next time,
Izzy signing out!