28 September 2016

What's Rare?

Hi everyone! It's pay, and today I am going to be talking about what is rare. I always have some beex to spend and I don't know what to spend it on, as I do not know what is valuable. Here is a guide to all of the rares!
First I will start with things I own:
Esq hair and face are both very valuable and rare and I am lucky enough to have both in my color code! They range from 150k-999k in market place colorable, and up to 150k non-colorable. 
Emma Cropped Sweater is very valuable-- colorable. it ranges from 20k-50k colorable, and very cheap non-colorable. I have one in my color code, so it is considered more expensive.
Pascal jeans used to be far more rare, but since it was for wacky wednesday, they have gone down in value. Colorable, they are worth 10k-30k, and non-colorable are extremely cheap, ranging from 1k-9k.
Energiz are no longer rare, I just took a whole body screenshot C:
Now onto things I do not own!
Valentina hair is a very rare hair. It ranges anywhere from 20k-70k depending on color. Classical sweater is also very valuable, ranging from 15k-45k depending on color.
Princess Cassandra hair is also very rare -- ranging anywhere from 50k-100k colorable and 20k-50k non colorable.
Classiest hair is also a rare hair. It ranges from 35k-75k colorable and 15k-30k non-colorable.
Diamine hair is very rare too. Including colorable and non-colorable, it is worth anywhere from 20k-70k.
Chillz shorts are probably the most expensive pants you could buy. they range anywhere from 40k-100k, colorable and non colorable. Augutsa hair is also rare, ranging from 20k-35k.

Thanks for reading this quick post, and I hope it helped you!