09 September 2016

Woozworld Preps VS. Rebels

Hello, Woozens! Anime Wooz back here again with another article. Today, I will be talking about the latest event happening; the Preps VS. Rebels event.

About a week ago, have you seen this while logging into Woozworld?

If so, it meant that Woozworld was at it with another back to school event. Every year, during the back to school season. They usually do a series of quests with something requiring cliques. This year's plot is about Emily Ember, the Rebel Clique Leader, somehow believing in the existence of another world named ZoomWorld. On the other hand, Arya Klyn, the Prep Clique Leader, thinks that Emily is making up lies. The point of this story is to see who is right, and also to see which clique rules the school.

To see which clique rules the school, starting September 12th, thre will be flags coming around Woozworld School Unitz. The clique with the most flags on September 22th will be the leader of Woozworld High.

There are also a few contest happening, such as a Unitz Design contest and a video challenge!

So, that was it for today. Thanks for reading this post, and see you next time with a post on any Woozworld Events!