23 September 2016

Easy and Fast Ways to Earn Beex!

Hi everyone! I'm paygon, a new blogger here. Today I am going to show you some efficient ways to make beex - fast!

1.) This first one applies to Non-VIP's only. Is it just me, or whenever you vote someone, you rapidly click the vote button and receive only 80 beex? Here's a quick trick that can get you double! It takes a little longer, though. Click the vote button once, and wait to receive the beex. You see how you got 2 beex? Keep voting the person you'd like to vote more patiently and slowly, and soon enough you go from 80 beex to 160 beex!

2.) Have a friend come online with you, who you can trust. Create a small shop with an obnoxious name with all the keywords woozens look up to shop, for example: CHEAP RARE SHOP - STORE - BEEX SALE . Those are words woozens are most likely to type into the search bar to find a shop. Once that is done, have that trusty friend of yours stay at your shop while you invite. It will make it seem like someone is already there, and the people that come won't feel like it's a dry shop. As a bonus, you could have your friend welcome them -- if worse comes to worse C; Then wait for people to buy, and the beex will roll in!

3.) This one is pretty straight forward. Quests will actually give you a surprising amount of beex. For every activity you do, you could get 100-200 beex! It might not seem like much, but it adds up as you do more and more quests. Believe me, if you are desperate, this works!

I hope that this post was helpful to you! These are some tricks I use when I am saving up to buy a new item, and I thought I would share them with you. Thanks for reading!