18 September 2016

Five places to have fun!!!!!

Hey guys, Pastelbunny here. Today I will be showing you the top 5 places to go if  you're bored or wanna make friends and have fun. Let's get started

1.Singles and non-singles clubs 
These clubs are really fun, you can find really fun people, and maybe even your match if you know what I mean ;).

2. Tent parties
Tent parties are especially fun with really crazy people. So let your wild side out and just have fun.

3. Schools
I know it may be a bit bizarre going to a place that is known to be not fun, but schools on Woozworld  are usually lit.

4. Kissing games
Kissing games are really funny to watch, sometimes it gets a little cringy though. But it's a whole other experience when you get chosen - it can get a bit awkward.

5. Theme games
Theme games are really fun, especially if  you're into fashion and dressing up. Like kissing games, they are also quite fun to watch

Well that's it for this post! Comment below what places you like to visit when you're bored or just want to have fun. Pastelbunny ouuttt.