19 October 2015

Camp harmony- WOOOO!!

Hey guys, balianel here cx Today Im just gonna talk about my favorite woozworld spot..... CAMP HARMONY OMG YASSS!
Camp harmony is a place for the bored (me) and people who want to meet new friends! We have a really great community and I am always looking forward to laughing my head off! XD Anyway, we have camp every friday, saturday, and sunday at 6:00 pm wt (East time zone I think).
Sometimes I feel as if I never get to go to camp. (Yes, I know. I have a sad life. -cri-) I wish keila could do camp a little earlier or even better, do it twice a day. That way, everyone can make it and you wont have to eat dinner at 6:30 in the middle of camp (me).
Well bye guys! Drop a comment below so that I know if my post are boring!
(Omg my post really do get boring! I don't notice it sometimes so you just HAVE TO TELL ME IF IM NOT BEING AS FAB AS I SHOULD BE!!!!!!!)