20 October 2015

Woozwold Halloween Event 2015!

Hey this is balianel cx
So every year woozworld does this thing for halloween. I HATE IT!!! Its always like " If you dont buy this and that you will turn into an ugly thingy and we will make you suffer until the event is over!" OMG! So now Im angry and I swear I might flip out the next time I log on. U-U Anyway, you can buy a mask for 240 wooz in the shopz or you can suffer (me). If you have to suffer, join goblins because the hair is fab and its the least ugliest one for girls at least. There is also one more solution...... LOG OUT AND DONT COME BACK ON UNTIL NOVEMBER 2ND!!!!! I would have done that if it wasn't for camp harmony 'cuz I couldn't stand to miss that one more time.
Well I hoped you enjoyed my opinion! :P Drop a comment below and I will add your opinion in! (Only if you support mine) And just MAYBE I will put one or two reasons why it isn't so bad so that readers can choose their side on this debate!
I love you! - Balianel