19 October 2015

Woozworld HACKED this WEEKEND! Story and Opinions!

Kpkeila here with some CREEPY news. This weekend in here has been a ton of hacker activity! If you were online around 6 pm WT, you would know that there were hackers making Woozworld go into "maintenance mode", but there were no updates! Think that's hacking? There's a lot more. Later, 1SwaggerChick hosted an event confronting the hackers with over a hundred people there, and everyone who wasn't in the queue, including me, got a PC from the Hackee, lebronyhe ( don't quote me on his username because I forgot it, it has lebron in it, message me if you know the whole username), saying "we're getting hacked" and "5 minutes left". When 1SwaggerChick00 and others said he wasn't a real hacker and to prove it, he made everyone on Woozworld log out and lots of inventory items disappeared for a few minutes. And it gets ALOT creepier. Since the hacker was stuck in queue, everyone followed him to a room and he proved that he was a hacker when he "scanned" someone's screen and guessed their age and location correct cause he said they could see their face. That was creepy enough for me to listen to happy music and change my Woozworld password. What do you guys think about the hackings? Real or fake? Comment down below!