31 October 2015

How To Change Your Face Back~ Editing

Oh dear! Your lovely face and hair have been deleted by the horrible wrath of the Halloween ghoul wars! You want to make an edit but your face is all messed up!

Mistically to the rescue!

I will show you how to fix your face for some edits.  Let's begin!
So yeah first take a pic of your neck down.
(If you want a clean edit take a bigger pic. I already took this pic and I don't want to change it #toolazy but just take a big pic.)

So if you took a big pic just skip this step, but I did not so just cut it out and slap it on a big background.

Like a-so! (Sorry this is super messy, there is a cleaner way to get rid of background which I will share later. Now download the pic on your profile. (right click and save image as) This one:
It should come automatic transparent. Slap that on there,
Now I'm gonna fix it up on pixlr.

So yeah, here, just erase any excess noobness,  add some hair, and whatever else you wanna do. Now you have your ready-to-edit more-or-less normal image!

Hope you enjoyed! :)