17 October 2015

Opinions: ESQ face price?

Hey guys, it's kpkeila. Today I will be talking about a popular topic around Woozworld. Recently, Woozworld decided to put one more the rarest of rares in the shopz: the Esqueleta outfit, or ESQ for short. The Esq face usually sells in Woozworld in the hundred thousands of beex! However, woozworld is selling it for how much?

$20 for one outfit and $50 for 3!

Personally I think even if they DO give you 15,000 wooz, 50 bucks is a ton of money for an online item worth only about 100,000 beex. Older woozens, imagine buying that when we could sell with wooz. Would you buy $50 worth of stuff for something worth about 100.000-120,000 beex? I know I wouldn't. In addition to that, there are alot of young kids on Woozworld. Asking for a $50 item for an online game would make kids save up for months.

So now I've shared my opinion. What's yours? Drop a comment down below!