18 October 2015

Welcome bali!

Hey guys! New blogger here.... x0 Before I start posting I just want to make sure you know meh :T

Favorite food: PIZZAAA
Worst food ever: All food is good smh

Favorite color: Pink
Worst color ever: Brownish green ewwwwwww

Favorite Quote: Im not stupid, im just too lazy to show how smart I am!
Second favorite quote: We are all edible, but its called cannibalism (lmao)

Right now Im too lazy to type anymore fave stuff XD Anyway, thanks keila sooo muchhhh for making me a blogger :D This is balianel signing out... Ily! ;)

P.s IM SO SRRY I MISSED CAMP XC Im so busy on weekends. I better go to sleep now so that I wont cry when I wake up for school (I do that a lot, sadly) Bye for real now!

                             (I did not o a very good job editing this picture T-T)