31 July 2016


Hi, my name is Morgan but I prefer Morgy/Momo for short, I'm going to write a quick (and maybe rocky) trial post for all you guys today so bear with me please!

As I'm sat here today with Juno (the most ignorant puppy in the whole world) looking through this month's trends in the store I've had some questions over it.
Through upcoming months you see woozens not wearing the full outfits sold in stores but their own alterations of them, pretty unique right? So, I got together with these kids on Woozworld who are making their own statement pieces with the new clothes (and then some.)

If you walk around Woozworld you see that the Esq Hair (Esqueleta Hair) is coming back for another spin, usually paired with the WNS Pop Shorts and the new FruitZ shirts in Shopz, like arianaxoxoz in the picture below taken at Justin's Single and Non-Single party (Yes, these are still relevant and popular.)

Another new trend is to wear the tattoo sandals, no matter what the color they'll always be E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E, but pretty cute for girls and boys to wear around, especially when you pair them with the VIP Beatrice, WNS Pop Shorts, and the new FruitZ collection like the following girls in the below picture.

 (From left to right: sheyxannelexylove77stella---iitsnotviolet)

But it's still cool to be traditional as well!

(Woozen: Unknown) 
(outfit: Her Beach Bag Collection 1/4 found in the store)

As for the boys another Esq item is coming back, the Esq Face for men,(but in reality when did it even leave lol.) The FruitZ collection isn't exactly making their way into the hearts of boys by any means but it's getting there,s lowly but surely. Most guys are wearing the classic gelled up hair, short sleeved shirt (in one of their favorite color codes of course) And maybe jeans or shorts along with some'tumblr tennis shoes' the ones in the picture look a lot like Adidas Superstars. 

(from left to right: Justin5687, Raehuk, and Cradstep

Thats it for this week, and hopefully as we move into the next month well see more and more designs by woozworld, but if you ask me I'm always more interested in the fall designs.

(apology in advance, the photos aren't the BEST quality) 

-Signing off, Morgy (X3-Morganmonster)