08 February 2016

Bertri , a short movie, Auditions

      Hullo guys Cx, its is I Emily xP, So I am going to be doing a short 15 - 30 min long Movie, called Bertri!
You might be wondering WHAT kind of name that is I mean c'mon! Bertri?? ofc you were asking what kind of name it is SO, I wanted to tell you that I will NOT be telling anyone that isn't in the movie AND, if you watch the movie you will find out your self!

      So, if you are in the movie I'm gonna need a couple things from you, here's the list :
Yr kik, if you have one
Yr email, which you probably have one
Yr Instagram
Yr woozen name
If yr a male or female
If you want to play male or female in the movie
How long you are able to practice for the movie
How long yr usually on wzw
      The movie will need about 10 ppl Also, its a original love, romantic kinda story there no bumping into or any went into army kinda shit its basically a girl who fell in love with her bestfriend, and her bestfriend commits a crime and the girl finds out about ALOT of stuff she wasn't supposed to know, kind of a mystery actually it is a mystery.

     The list of characters I need are here :
Boys        |       Girls
*Chase          *Cassie
*Nick            *Nicole
*Patton         *Page
*Stephen      *Sophia
*Jack            *Jordanna

    I also, will be needing about 10 extras these people might or might not be needed through out the video but, they will get a recognition in the end "credits" And I will need a Mom and Dad for Emily
      Now how the characters will act, or there personalities:
Chase: Rich, Cheated on his girlfriend, a "fuck" boy, Funny, Sucks at sports but has a OK body and best friend is nick, his Ex is Page, the girl he cheated with is Jordanna, main character
Nick: Rich, Dating Sophia, Awesome in sports, Friends with Chase
Patton: Normal guy, Funny, OK in sports, Mostly friendly, Kinda quite
Stephen: Funny, Really friendly, Outgoing, most girls have crushes on, Doesn't Give A thing fuck for his looks
Jack: Awesome at basketball, kinda a nerd, Is into computer science, a "know it all" , awesome body
(a bit to much about the body's but, you must know you should be older than about 15 to be part of this actually I'm younger than that so doesn't matter)
Cassie: smart, gossiping, friends with Nicole n Page, is considered "cool",Pretty
Nicole: hates gossiping, friends with Cassie, secretly hates Page, Crush on Nick, Hot
Page: Funny, athletic, Friends with Nicole n Cassie,Only friends with Nicole because she knows a lot of guys like her even her crush Nick
Sophia: A super "commit" freak if she wants something she gets it, Rich, Dating Nick, VERY friendly,Smartish
Jordanna: Didn't know Chase was dating page, Jordanna was her best friend, Funny, very smart
Emily: (part taken by me Cx) Funny, Athletic, smart, outgoing, knows a lot, Friendly, quite, loves books, rich, main character

     To contact me if you want any of these parts here is my info below:

Kik: imfamois 
Email: mylifeassafa@gmail.com
Instagram: imfamois
Woozen name: Bethany-101

    Also, If your interested in any part or just want a "small" part in this movie pls contact me I can make adjustments in the script to work out with any of you, My dead line would like to be 3-2-16 if it can be before that I would be grateful, Also, it can be after that I mean, this is my first time doing something like this, I've tried with the "series" kinda thing but, didn't really work for me, This might be a 2 video long kinda thing but I want to try fitting it in one who knows it might be more than 2 videos.

    I will update this post everytime a person joins for a part or actually I might make a separate blog on who made what part, maybe I might find a person more suitable for my part which is Emily.

 Ok, Peace y'all I've spent the whole day on this blog and I'm awfully tired. G'day! C: (this same post is on my blog xP)