16 February 2016

Outfits in the store

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog. It's Amahix here with another post. Srry that I have not been posting a lot I have been very busy with my new classes. Anyway on to the real post. Today I will be telling you about the new clothes in the store. Every month Woozworld gives us beautiful outfits in the store and everyone loves them on woozworld. So here are the outfits in the store:

The first outfits are 2 outfits in 1. So you can get two outfits for just $19.99. Here are the outfits: 
The second outfit is a Carmen. It is $4.99 for one outfit.

Here is the last one. For the boys on woozworld. Here is the outfit that is the same price as the other one $4.99

 So I'll see you next week with more outfits. See you next time!!!

Love you guys xoxo Amahix