02 February 2016

Winter Outfits

Hey guys! Its Amahix here with another post. Sorry that I have not been posting i have had to do lots of homework with my new classes. Anyway today I am going to tell you about the new outfits in the store. Reminder: There are new outfits in the store every month but for a limited time only so you have to get them fast.

Here is the first outfit:

Here is the first outfit in the winter section of the store.These clothes in the store cost $9.99

Here is the second outfit:

Here is the second outfit. Its the same as the first BUT you get a 7 day vip pass with the clothes. This outfit is $9.99

Here is the third and fourth outfit together:

The third outfit is on the Left. With the third outfit you get all of that for $4.99. The fourth outfit is on the right and it is the same price as the third.

If you guys want more outfits follow this link to the woozworld store.

Okay guys thats all I have for you today. Be sure to click on the link above to go to the woozworld store. Remember these outfits are here for a limited time only. So get them while you can. I will be back tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Love you guys xoxo