09 February 2016

Cupid of love quest

Hey guys! It's Amahix here with another post. Sorry that I have not been posting a lot I have been very busy. Anyway today I will be telling you a little bit about the Cupid of love quest in Woozworld.

First when you get on your account there will be a new quest called the Cupid of love quest. Here is the first place you have to go on the quest:
Then it will tell you to click something in the unit. 
Here is a list of places that you have to go:


2. Romantic Venice 
3. Rome- Italy 
4. Romantic Island 
5. Romantic canal 
Follow all on these steps then you will be on step 4. 

I will be posting the next quest in my next  post. So be in the look out for that. 

Here is the last place that you should go. 

Okay that's all I have for today. Be sure to check out this quest. Reminder: I will be posting all of the quest steps so be in the look out for those. I will be back Tomorrow for some more of the quest. 

Love you guys xoxo-Amahix