20 February 2016

Welcome Lilly to The WoozWorld Voice!

Hello all my beautiful people! My name is Lilly :)
I will be writing about Fashion! Call me your 'go to Fashion Guru'. I will be trying to help you all pick the perfect outfit and feel beautiful just being you! :)

I will have posts like: outfit of the day, trending this week, style 101, my style secrets, and reviews on new and old outfits will be posted depending on my schedule. :)

Now a little bit about me. My favorite Fashion brands have to be Givenchy, Zappos, GABA, Dolce and Gabbana, and of course Chanel. I can never decide on a favorite color! I simply love them all! I love pizza and creamy chicken flavored ramen noodles. Im a vegetarian a fashion designer and a free spirit!

Ill be trying to post a couple times a week :)