28 February 2016

Trending Outfits!

Hello Beautiful People! So sorry I did not post Friday! Was busy with life and sometimes that is more important! :) But i am back! So Today is another review but not on shop outfits (i am not looking forward to that review.) but a review on  outfits I think are very popular for the ladies in woozworld!  So here is Two Trending Outfits.

Outfit A

Hair- Esqueleta Hair

Face- Esqueleta Face

Torso- Sweater Weather top by Fools

Leg- WNS pop shorts

Feet- Sandals with tattoos 

Outfit B

Hair- Callie Ziegler Baseball Cap

Face- Dolloween Face

Torso- Tank Top

Leg- Pascal Jeans

Feet- Sandals with Tattoos

Review: So i love both of these outfits! it seems sandals with tattoos, Esq face and hair, plus Pascal jeans are the most popular items in wooz world at this moment. They are also some of the most expensive items. Have i told you guys how much i love sweater weather top? It gives off that classy yet simple vibe that is sooo chanel. Literally.  I need to get my hands on pascal jeans! Its like a girls dream boyfriend jeans paired with the perfect flannel. Which is sooo in, In woozworld and real life! Ok so next after trending outfits i wanna show you guys my favorite outfits of the week! Boy and Girl! Thanx Guys!

My Favorite boy and girl outfits of the week personally! The colors, the style, a mix of awesome texture. I love it all!