18 February 2016

New / Old store outfits

So as you know their was the whole Mya and Jay fuss about Valentines day. Now that it is over it is once again for Once Upon a Wooz. Now they have previously done this (last year), except I wasn't active on woozworld when they did this but I heard it was good. So for it they have updated a store (like they do weekly) with themed outfits:

As you can see, they are obviously trying something new by selling hairs, tops, pants and shoes separately and then selling them all together. From my view I think this is good because sometimes you only like the hairs and don't like the rest of the outfit so now you can get that. They also have their new outfits for the week which are okay-ish in my opinion (sorry I'm fussy).

Apart from the stuff in Store, they've added a few things into shopz. I hope they add more for this section and not just the stuff they have. If you haven't seen this is what is in there: 
(under royalty in shopz)
In the boxes there are the old outfits from store and furniture, depending on the pack.

Can't wait for Once Upon a Wooz to start! I chose to follow the princess and it says I have to wait till the 22nd (23rd for myself because I am in Australia)

Anways, Thanks for reading!