24 February 2016

Review of New Store Outfits

"Fashion is about something that comes within you." - Ralph Lauren

Yo yo yo my gorgeous readers! Yes i just said yo yo yo.. its my catch phrase this week. So today I will be doing my first Review on New outfits in store! I am lovvinngg this weeks outfits! Lets get right into it!

Princess Cassandra Review: Grade: B- : Can we start with the hair? This is sooo cute! Its something that i would love to add to my inventory! The flowy hair adding a more classy style with a cute little crown is adorable. Now the dress is a different story.. I think they got the corset all wrong!! The shape and then adding a fluffy tool skirt?? NO! big no no! Dont even get me started on my hatred for tool skirts so i will move to shoes. Now i;m not impressed with these either.. I don;t think it compliments the elegant classy vibe the hair has going! 

Alexandria: Grade: A- : Now now what have we got here? An outfit that goes together? YES! The hair is also a huge success I would have liked the bangs a little more of a swoop then they designed but it is cute. The bodice is also super cute! Pairing this with a less dramatic skirt makes the cutest look! I have seen people put this bodice with Princess Cassandra Hair and Crown many times. Now to the skirt I do like it its loose and makes a nice flow that compliments the tight bodice and bow. But the length is at that awkward stage I just cant. I really enjoy those shoes though! A nice simple high heel with an unique detailing could match with any outfit (well for me at least). Dressed down or up.

Prince Gerald: Grade: A : Omyy this hair. One word HOT.  They design few hairs for guys I feel that arnt awkward hair people only wear for star of the week. But this is cute and Very manly the same. Now to the shirt Can i say that this just represents a king in a classic toned down kinda way? The jeans and the shirt would be something I would see a well polished man wearing. (if it was normal to wear that jacket) The only problem I really have with this outfit is once again awkward shoes! I feel like this sleek royal outfit should be paired with a nice set of slacks. Not slacks/high top combination they have going on.

Flynn: Grade : D : See what i mean by awkward hair! I'm very disappointed in this outfit! I feel like he doesn't look like a hero, he looks like someone who plays polo everyday! Also i couldn't even find anyone wearing even one piece of this outfit! Enough Said!

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