08 October 2016

DIY Costumes!

Hi everyone! It's paygon, and Halloween is right around the corner! If you are broke (like me) and can not afford anything, whether real money, wooz, or beex, I have some costumes made with items that you most likely own or could easily get!

1.) The Doll
This costume is very simple. The item that brings it all together is the dolloween face.These are very cheap if you do not own one, as I got mine colorable for 8k. Then, put on any vintage-looking outfit, I chose Helena as the overalls remind me of a doll.

2.) Animals!
This one is very simple. Simply put on the shirt, pants, and shoes of a onesie, and any hair with animal ears! If you want, you could just wear the full onesie.

3.) The Ballerina
Once again, this one is simple and cheap. Get any girly hair, a plain top, any tutu, and flats to complete the look.

4.) Barbie
This look is very easy to achieve. Simply wear blonde hair and everything pink! Here are some good pink color codes to achieve the barbie look:

That's all I have for today! Stay tuned for a part 2...coming soon! Sassy Spooks!
Wow that was cheesy.