04 October 2016

🐾 Jenny's Animal Quiz Answers (OCTOBER 2016) 🐾

Hey Woozens! AnimeLegend here with another post. Today, I will be giving out the answers for Jenny's Animal Quiz, who just came out today. This time, the theme of the quiz is Farm Animals.

The last time she released this quiz was in August, where she did a Desert Animal themed quiz. If you can check out the answers of that version here.

So, I got the time to make a fancy picture for you guys to see the answers(YAHOO!!πŸ˜ƒ). Here they are:

When you complete the quiz, you will get 50 beex and 5 wooz at the end by clicking the open chest!

And that's it for this time! See you next time with any Woozworld Events, Quiz or Maze Answers!

- AnimeLegend
New sign-off picture! Yipee!

*UPDATE #1 - October 5th 2016*
I forgot to put the answer to question number 8! For those looking for the answer, the answer is 2.