04 October 2016

What Woozens Look For!

Hi everyone! It's paygon, and today I am going to share with you some original ideas to make a unitz a lot more attractive, rather than the average speed dating and trade center.

1.) Sleepovers!
I was inspired of this idea by Demitra11. Find a large unitz and set down beds and sleeping bags for room for everyone. Add a fridge, toilet, etc. just to add to the activities you will do. Some ideas are food fights, truth or dare, 3 truths and one lie, scary stories, pillow fights, or anything that could keep the unitz active!

2.) Something Weird...
Awhile back, there have been many unitz that are creative, silly, and fun. There has been cow milking lessons, rat naming (Yes, someone literally filled a room with rats and had people name them!), snowman building (in the winter), trick or treating, etc. Make a silly unitz that is not only unique, but is also not something you do not see every day!

3.) The Voice
I have noticed that these unitz are rarely made anymore, and I think someone should bring it back!  Get a unitz ideally with a stage, and invite friends to sing songs and have fun! Don't forget to make it snappy and give a prize to the winners.

4.) Movie Auditions
This one is similar to the voice, but also very fun and exciting! Even if you do not plan to make a movie, you can still roleplay the characters! Have a big unitz ideally with a stage and have woozens try out for the part! It's quite exciting to see the finished product, too.

That's all the ideas I have for you today! Is it just me, or are you quite bored of the usual speed dating and trade centers? I hope you try these ideas! Thanks for reading!